Oyster Mushroom Fun

White oyster mushroom spawn inoculated into shredded cardboard and layered into a recycled plastic planter pot. For inoculation I put the white plastic bag over the top and after a few weeks when I peeked it looked like this. I decided to try to top fruit the oysters in our shower tub since it is a little too cold outside and that way I can keep an eye on the daily growth. I spray water with a small spray bottle a few times a day for moisture.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

The Captain!

Day 6, ready to eat the first tub grown oyster mushroom and they were yummy.

Sautéed oyster mushroom with garlic, onion and carrot top. Sweet carrot, beet, daikon, red cabbage and kale sautéed with brown rice and pink ginger curry sauerkraut.

Pink Yarrow just keeps going


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