Thanksgiving Snowscapes

Snowscape 5

We got snow but the hillside facing us didn’t and down in the valley it rained. Funny how these things works!

Snowscape 3

Snowscape 2

Garden in winter mode.

Snowscape 1

Horseradish & beet

horse radish leaf collaps

Beet on platehorse radish by feetHorse Radish 1

Late Summer in our 2 year old orchard

Pear tree with comfreyPear tree with comfrey

Queen's Anne's Lace 2Wildflower madness

Hybrid HazelsYoung hybrid hazelnuts

New MonarchNew born Monarch

Wildflower messA wildflower heaven

Blue VermainBlue Vervain everywhere

Kitty CamouflageKitten camou

Weird mushroomsWeird strong smelling mushrooms!

This years cherry graftsHappy Kristin sweet cherry, grafted this Spring and look at it go!

Jewel weedLovely Jewelweed

Hazel hybrids by fence New Hybrid Hazels by deer fence, with cages for winter vole protection.