Harmony Fruit Farm is a 4 acre permaculture food forest in the making. We grow fruit, nuts, berries, mushrooms and vegetables following the magnificent design of nature. We have over 400 fruit trees with over 100 varieties of mostly old heirloom apple varieties and 30 varieties of pears. We have plums, cherries, apricots and peaches as well as lots of currants, elderberries, seaberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. We recently added 200 hybrid chestnut trees and hazelnut bushes interplanted with asparagus and tasty super medicinal seaberry bushes which also acts as nitrogen fixers building the fertility of the soil. The orchard is a low maintenance operation where we let nature do what it does best – create abundance through high biodiversity. Our practices are organic but we strive to go well beyond just sustainability – instead rebuilding the land with hardy awesome perennial food plants.

Initially we transformed the hillside creating swales and mounts on contour to harvest the rain water that flows down our south facing slope. This not only helps build the soil but aids in buffering the extremes of climate change. Our focus is on building healthy, fertile, living soil interconnected by mycelium networks. We have put down lots of wood chip mulch, interplanted with nitrogen fixers and use comfrey for weed suppression, and as a green manure. With an abundance of wild flowers and a small rainwater feed swimming pond this land has become a protected sanctuary for pollinators, butterflies, birds, frogs, salamanders and other wildlife. Our goal is to create a food paradise where fresh fruit, berries and nuts are produced in abundance enough for everyone while building the fertility of the soil. What could be better than a magical food jungle full of life, beauty and wonder, two years in and we are well on our way there.

We will be accepting applications for CSA membership beginning in spring 2023.