Growing a herd of beneficial microorganisms!

compost pile #1 in snow

Our first compost pile using the Soil Food Web approach. It got nice and hot and had to be turned 4 times. Looking forward to making some great compost tea to spread the Soil Food Web magic around the farm soon.

nematode sex 1

Nematodes having sex in the compost pile.

night picture with snow

Listening to peepers at night.

Spring mess 1

Spring messiness.

Max and Little

Max & Little.

Inside greenhouse early April 1

Greenhouse is booming.

Karl with Echinacea shirt

raspberry desert

Great taste of Summer.  Raspberry, almond butter and yogurt desert. We are putting in many more raspberry plants and a few 1000 more strawberry for ground cover around the orchard. Hopefully in a few years we will be able to harvest hazelnuts so we can make our own nut butter too.

December fun

Dec 11

Growing food through the winter in an unheated greenhouse.

Dec 10

Beds of  carrots, beets and kale, extra sweet from the freezing nights.

Dec 9 Dec 5

Tiger in wild apple tree.

Dec 2

Blackie a wild climber.

Dec 7