Huge 1 inch blackberry stalk from small plugs planted last Spring
Where the microbial magic happens!
Little, checking out our Chestnut air prune beds
Strawberries grown in mushroom inoculated woodchip are the best!
3 weeks later

Being a busy bee!

Nectarine & Plums in full bloom
Eating lots of Shiitake mushrooms
We propagated 750 black currants almost ready to be planted out!
Trying to see if the bottom heat from our woodchip pile will get the seaberrry and cherry cuttings to root!
Tigers in the orchard
Greenhouse is almost full
Flowering kale forest and hanging carrots gutters going into the garden soon
Currant cuttings grow in compost inoculated with king stropharia mycelium
Toadie found a home in the honey locust seedlings!
Little in the Contender peach tree
Pears about to flower
Happy red raspberries
New graft
Thornless blackberries

Evening Winter Garden Tour

Kales in the winter garden. I like to let the annual garden stay in through the winter, knowing that some things will keep alive and the plant roots will feed the soil microbes through photosynthesis. It also allows the garden to be decorative over the winter and I get appreciate the displays of life, decay and regrowth. The kales left in the garden will produce early spring flowers for the pollinators and visual enjoyment to then be replaces with new plants.

Purple kale bucket

Purple kale trunk regrowing leaves

Tiger in winter garden

Multiflora Rose in sunset

Sheets on clothes line

Winter brassica arrangement

Inside looking out