Growing a herd of beneficial microorganisms!

compost pile #1 in snow

Our first compost pile using the Soil Food Web approach. It got nice and hot and had to be turned 4 times. Looking forward to making some great compost tea to spread the Soil Food Web magic around the farm soon.

nematode sex 1

Nematodes having sex in the compost pile.

night picture with snow

Listening to peepers at night.

Spring mess 1

Spring messiness.

Max and Little

Max & Little.

Inside greenhouse early April 1

Greenhouse is booming.

Karl with Echinacea shirt

raspberry desert

Great taste of Summer.  Raspberry, almond butter and yogurt desert. We are putting in many more raspberry plants and a few 1000 more strawberry for ground cover around the orchard. Hopefully in a few years we will be able to harvest hazelnuts so we can make our own nut butter too.


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